1. What is AssertThat?

    It's a blog about automation testing, software development and anything related.

  2. Why blog?

    To become a better writer. To become a better thinker. To provide a platform to easily summarise and share thoughts with others.

  3. Who am I?

    My name is Glib Briia , software tester by vocation and yachtsman at heart. I was born in Skadovsk, a port city in the south of Ukraine.

    I moved to Kharkiv in 2008 to study System Analysis, where I had great fun and met my beautiful girlfriend (now wife). In 2014 I relocated to Liverpool where I am currently working at EPAM Systems as a Leads Software Test Automation Engineer.

    Please note that all opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.

  4. Where can you find me?