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Gherkin Formatter - CTRL-ALT-L

Do you like beautifully formatted Given, When, Then Scenarios? Then you'll love this!


We've further enhanced our #gherkin editor to automatically format your scenarios in our Jira Marketplace Plugin - AssertThat - BDD & Cucumber for Jira.

Hit CTRL-ALT-L whilst editing your scenarios:

  • The steps will right justify based on the gherkin key words making it easier to follow the flow of the scenario.

  • Scenario Example tables will be automatically updated so you don't need to worry about spacing out the columns.

To try the changes please take a look at our Free Gherkin Editor tool

Free Trial

If you would like a free demo or trial then please get in contact with us at or a Try it for free - AssertThat BDD & Cucumber for Jira

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