• Nick Iles

Roadmap Q1 2021 - Q2 2022

AssertThat BDD & Cucumber plugin for Jira

We have outlined our roadmap to provide visibility of the next set of exciting features for the plugin. The features and enhancements are based on feedback and conversations we have had with our customers. If you would like to see a new feature or enhancement to the plugin then please get in contact at support@assertthat.com

Feature overview and Status

Manual Execution - Store history details for manual executions. Execute manual scenarios independently against for user stories within a project. This functionality is already available on Data Centre and will be released to cloud users. More details can be found here Test Execution status for User Stories

Reports - Enhancements to Automated and Manual reporting and integration with Jira Dashboards. Please get in contact if you have any specific requirements for reporting you would like to see in app.

Data Residency - Atlassian data residency enables Atlassian organisation administrators to specify where subsets of their product data at rest are hosted. This new functionality has recently been made available on Jira to Enterprise plans and we aim to offer a similar residency option for the AssertThat plugin.

Security - We have been participating in the Marketplace Security Bug Bounty program since Q4 2020, and over the coming months we will be enhancing our program to ensure the security of the app.

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