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AssertThat Roadmap for Q3 2023

Updated: Sep 5

Roadmap - AssertThat BDD, Cucumber & Test Managment for Jira

We have outlined our roadmap for the AssertThat BDD, Cucumber & Test Management for Jira to provide visibility of the next set of exciting features for the plugin. The features and enhancements are based on feedback and conversations we have had with our customers. If you would like to see a new feature or enhancement to the plugin then please get in contact at

Roadmap for AssertThat - BDD, Cucumber & Test Management for Jira
Roadmap Q3 2023

Roadmap Feature overview


  • Raise defects automatically - New functionality to enable defects to be raised from failed automated scenarios and populate key scenario details including stacktrace and attachment details.

  • Performance enhancements - improvements to issue view page when linking a high number of scenarios.

  • Test plan & traceability dashboard gadgets - 2 new gadgets replicating the test plan and traceability reports on Jira Dashboards

Server / Data Center

  • Formatting and Description field enhancements - Aligning with changes made on cloud we will implement formatting enhancement improvements including the ability to add links within feature description fields.

  • Number of times in status dashboard gadget - Aligning with changes made on cloud we will introduce a new dashboard gadget which allows teams to gain useful insights from scenario status changes.

  • Filtering and sort enhancements - Aligning with changes on cloud, sorting by column on Traceability matrix, Scenario manager and Automated Test report.

  • Enhancements to manual test execution - changes to simplify the test execution for manual tests and also include ability to add screenshots (changes will rollover into Q4).

Atlassian Program Support - We support a number of Atlassian programs with ongoing support for:

  • Cloud Fortified - apps are designed to serve the largest customers and those with more business-critical operating requirements.

  • Marketplace Bug Bounty - We have been participating in the Marketplace Security Bug Bounty program since Q4 2020, and we continue to develop and improve our Security capability.

  • Cloud Migration Assistance - We provide support and assistance as some customers choose to move to Cloud Platform. Please note we continue to fully support and develop our Data Center and Server versions of the plugin.

For more information or a free trial contact us on or go to for more information.

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