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AssertThat Scenario Manager - easily bulk update BDD scenarios in Jira

Updated: Jan 20

Dive into the world of streamlined BDD & Cucumber scenario management with our latest video showcasing the AssertThat BDD, Cucumber & Test Management plugin for Jira.

This comprehensive guide demonstrates how you can effortlessly manage and organize your BDD and Cucumber scenarios within Jira.

Key features covered in the video include:

  • Bulk Updating: Learn how to efficiently bulk update steps and tags across multiple features. This feature is a game-changer for maintaining consistency and saving time, especially when dealing with a large number of scenarios.

  • Seamless Linking: Discover the ease of linking BDD scenarios directly to Jira user stories. This integration simplifies the traceability and tracking of your testing efforts against your project requirements.

The AssertThat BDD, Cucumber & Test Management plugin for Jira is designed to enhance your Agile testing process, making it more efficient and integrated. Whether you’re a seasoned BDD practitioner or new to the concept, this video is a valuable resource for optimizing your workflow in Jira.

Interested in exploring all the powerful features of our Jira plugin or have questions? Don't hesitate – click below to schedule a personalized demo with one of our BDD experts now!

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