New Jira Issue View

By Nick Iles on July 4, 2019

Atlassian Marketplace plugin display changes with New Jira Issue View

Jira have recently made some changes to the Jira issue view. This has changed where the AssertThat plugin components are displayed on the Issue page.

How to see the plugin details on New Jira Issue View

Acceptance Tests

The first time you access the New Jira Issue view you will need to select Acceptance tests to display the Features and Scenarios on the Issues page.
This is enabled by selecting the 3 dots from the “Quick-add buttons” and selecting Acceptance Tests.

When selected the AssertThat plugin Acceptance tests sections will be available so that you can link Scenarios to Jira Issues.

Scenario test status

On the New Jira Issue view the Scenario Test status pie chart is available by clicking on the link “Open Test Status”

Switch to old View

If you would like to switch to the old Jira Issue view then you can do this by either: 1. Select “See old View” at the top of the Jira issue view.

  1. If the Option is not available you can default to the old view by selecting

“Your profile and settings → Personal Settings”

Then Disable New Issue View:

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