1. Performance improvements to AssertThat BDD & Cucumber plugin for Jira

    By Nick Iles on February 10, 2020 bdd jira latest-news performance

    Performance improvements to Issue view and Features page

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  2. Enhancements to Features and Issues view

    By Nick Iles on January 17, 2020 bdd jira latest-news usability

    Usability improvements to the feature and issue view pages of the plugin based on feedback from our Customers.

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  3. Update existing features during import with override option

    By Nick Iles on October 29, 2019 jira latest-news update-features override

    New override option simplifies how feature files can be updated in AssertThat's BDD & Cucumber plugin for Jira

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  4. Shareable links for improved collaboration

    By Nick Iles on October 29, 2019 jira agile latest-news features

    AssertThat's plugin for Jira now has shareable links for features and reports to improve collaboration within your team

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  5. New Traceability reporting

    By Nick Iles on August 22, 2019 bdd jira atlassian test automation traceability test-execution-status latest-news

    By popular request we have added a new Traceability report for Jira tickets and Features / Scenarios.

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