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BDD & Cucumber

Welcome to the definitive guide on Behavior Driven Development (BDD), a transformative approach that refines the collaboration between business and technical teams. BDD, a progression from traditional test-driven methods, facilitates clear communication and fosters a shared understanding of project goals.


On this page, you'll discover the essentials of BDD, embark on your journey with foundational insights, and learn the integration of BDD with Agile methodologies. Discover how AssertThat BDD enhances this process within your Jira environment and establishes best practices for a seamless workflow.


Dive into our rich FAQ section to quench your curiosity about BDD. Join us as we create software that meets business objectives and enhances user experiences.

Grasp the core principles of BDD, an agile software development process that enhances team collaboration, through our introduction to the basics of Behavior Driven Development.

Enhance your Agile workflow by integrating BDD with Jira; our detailed guide provides insights into merging BDD practices within the Jira environment for streamlined project management.

Learn how Cucumber facilitates BDD by bridging communication between technical and non-technical teams, and discover the power of using Cucumber in BDD with our comprehensive tool overview.

Address your BDD inquiries with our extensive FAQ section, providing answers to common BDD questions and a detailed BDD guide to support your continuous learning.

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