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Free Online Gherkin Editor: Elevate Your BDD Experience

Enhance your Gherkin editing with our free online formatter tool, designed to give you a taste of the advanced features available in our AssertThat BDD, Cucumber & Test Management plug

🔍 Quick Instructions for Use:

  • Format Feature: Press Ctrl+Alt+L (windows), Press Ctrl+Opt+L (Mac)

  • Clear Editor: Press Ctrl+Alt+Space, Press Ctrl+Opt+Space (Mac)

🌟 Key Features of Our Online Formatting Gherkin Editor: 

  1. Gherkin Feature File Creation: Craft your feature files with ease, utilizing a user-friendly interface.

  2. Syntax Validation: The editor not only highlights syntax issues but also helps ensure your Gherkin syntax is spot on.

  3. Automatic Formatting: Keep your BDD feature files well-organized and readable with our auto-format feature.

  4. Customizable Styles: Tailor the editor to your liking by choosing from various style options for a personalized editing experience.

We believe this free editor will greatly aid your BDD process. And, if you're looking for even more power, including native Jira integration, enhanced reporting, and test automation integration, explore the full capabilities of our Jira plugin.

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