“If you don’t like testing your product, it's likely your customers won’t like testing it either.”

  1. Spanish language support for AssertThat BDD plugin for Jira

    By Nick Iles on April 5, 2019 bdd jira plugin app spanish language

    Hola, nos complace anunciar que el complemento AssertThat para Jira ahora es compatible con el idioma español.

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  2. Cucumber report in Jira - integration through maven plugin

    By Glib Briia on March 25, 2019 bdd jira atlassian test automation plugin app jira integration cucumber

    How transparent is the user story test status to your team? How easily can your team assess if the testing is complete for a user story? AssertThat's test automation integration brings together the manual and automated test status for each user story in one place Jira.

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  3. We need your help to shape our BDD plugin for Jira!

    By Nick Iles on March 18, 2019 bdd jira test automation plugin roadmap trial free

    We’re looking for some early adopters to drive the future development of our BDD plugin for Jira. Our plugin already contains some awesome features and we’re looking to develop the next phase of features with your help.

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  4. Launch of AssertThat BDD & Test Management

    By Nick Iles on March 1, 2019 bdd jira atlassian test automation plugin app jira integration

    How to avoid "That's not what I was expecting?" conversations with your product owners. AssertThat BDD and Test Management plugin for Jira has now been launched to support your organisation successfully implement BDD by ensuring requirements are easily captured to deliver working software as fast as possible.

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  5. Full page screenshot in Chrome with Selenium WebDriver

    By Glib Briia on November 27, 2016 java selenium webdriver selenium shutterbug full page chrome screenshot

    One line java solution for taking full page screenshot in Chrome using WebDriver and selenium-shutterbug

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