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Native to Jira - Bulk update BDD scenarios with Scenario Manager

Updated: Jan 30

Bulk update BDD steps, scenarios, tags using Scenario Manager native to Jira

Over time your Gherkin BDD scenarios and steps will grow in size and you will identify areas that will need to be changed and refactored. We've listened to our clients who have explained how time consuming this process can be with other testing tools on the marketplace where each scenario needs to be searched opened and then edited individually. This hurdle has resulted in Gherkin files not being updated and refactored as frequently as they should be.

Based on this feedback AssertThat have developed Scenario Manager. Native to Jira AssertThat's BDD Scenario Manager screens are easy to use and allows product owners, developers and testers to search, filter and update all or many scenarios and steps in one go. Where as a task to update 30 steps would take 1 hour to complete, with Scenario Manager this process will a couple of minute. This video includes how to easily update steps, scenarios, state and tags.

Free Trial

If you would like a free demo or trial then please get in contact with us at or a Try it for free - AssertThat BDD & Cucumber for Jira

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