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AssertThat BDD, Cucumber and Test Management for Jira Earns Cloud Security Participant Badge

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Security is one of our core pillars at AssertThat and that's why we're delighted to announce AssertThat's BDD & Cucumber for Jira app now qualifies to display the Cloud Security Participant badge. The badge highlights apps which have gone through additional security tests and is now fully enrolled in the Marketplace Bug Bounty Program.

What is the Bug bounty program?

The program is a powerful post-production tool to help detect vulnerabilities in applications and services. The Atlassian Marketplace Bug Bounty Program is hosted on Bugcrowd, a SaaS platform built to crowdsource vulnerability discovery from a global pool of talented security researchers. Marketplace Partners who join this program allow the security researchers to test their applications for security vulnerabilities who are then rewarded based on severity of the vulnerability discovered.

AssertThat Jira Cloud Security Badge: How can you identify participating apps?

Apps that are participating in Marketplace Bug Bounty will have a Cloud Security Participant badge on the marketplace page.

AssertThat's BDD & Cucumber for Jira plugin now qualifies for Cloud Security Participant badge through joining Atlassian's Bug Bounty program

Take a look at Bugcrowd's video "Intro to Bugcrowd" to see how it works.

If you would like more information on our Security policies or would like a free demo or trial then please get in contact with us at or Try it for free - AssertThat BDD & Cucumber for Jira

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