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Navigating Made Easy: AssertThat's Latest Navigation Update

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

AssertThat Plugin's Enhanced Navigation: A Step Forward for Agile and QA Teams

We're excited to announce the latest update to the AssertThat plugin – a comprehensive navigation overhaul designed to streamline your Agile testing workflows in Jira. This update is part of our continuous effort to enhance user experience and functionality. Here's what's new:

Screenshot of the updated navigation interface in the AssertThat plugin for Jira
Experience the ease of AssertThat's new navigation layout, enhancing your Agile and QA workflow.

Features Tab: As the central hub of the plugin, the Features tab has been refined to offer more intuitive viewing and filtering options for all your BDD features.

  • Scenario Manager: Tailored for teams handling extensive features and scenarios, this tool now enables bulk updates and more efficient scenario management, making your Agile processes smoother.

  • Automation Report: Integration with your test automation framework is now more seamless. The Automation Report tab provides a clearer view of test results, making it easier to manage failed tests and track trends over time.

  • Traceability Matrix: This essential tool has been improved to better map the traceability between Jira tickets and linked BDD scenarios, enhancing the transparency and tracking capabilities of your projects.

  • Configuration Shortcut: Accessing the AssertThat Configuration page is now just a click away. This shortcut in the Jira Project settings allows for quicker and more efficient plugin customization for your project.

With these updates, navigating through the AssertThat plugin becomes a breeze, saving time and enhancing efficiency for Agile teams and QA testers. Dive into our blog to see how these changes can revolutionize your Jira experience!

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