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Q4 2023 Updates for Our AssertThat BDD Plugin

We're thrilled to share the latest updates and enhancements in Q4 2023 for our AssertThat BDD, Cucumber & Test Management for Jira plugin. In Q4, we've been hard at work to make your experience even better. Below are the highlights:

New Dashboard Gadgets for Cloud users:

3 new dashboard gadgets are available on cloud. The gadgets enable teams to track overall coverage across projects, how many scenarios are automated vs manual, and finally track the execution status of the scenarios.

Screenshot of AssertThat BDD Plugin's three new dashboard gadgets displaying project coverage, automation vs manual scenario ratio, and scenario execution status on a cloud platform.
Introducing the latest additions to the AssertThat BDD Plugin: Three innovative dashboard gadgets designed for enhanced project tracking and insights, now available for cloud users.

Further information can be found on AssertThat's Dashboard gadget confluence pages.

Dark Mode Support on Cloud:

The plugin's interface now seamlessly integrates with Jira's dark mode, offering a more visually pleasing experience during low-light conditions. How to Switch on?

Illustration of the AssertThat BDD Plugin interface seamlessly integrating with Jira's dark mode, showing the steps to activate dark mode for a visually pleasing low-light usage experience
Enhance your working environment with AssertThat BDD Plugin's Dark Mode integration. Follow simple steps to switch on and enjoy a visually pleasing experience under any lighting condition.


Issue view enhancements - (Server):

Multiple enhancements based on user feedback across the plugin. The highlights on issue view include:

  • The statuses of both manual and automated executions are now collectively presented in chronological order, regardless of the current mode of the scenario

  • Alignment of scenario sequence between issue and feature view

  • Display and usability improvements

Screenshot displaying the Execution History section of the AssertThat BDD Plugin, with test automation results showing statuses like passed or failed, and including a link to detailed test automation results for easier navigation and triage of failed tests.
New feature alert! The AssertThat BDD Plugin now enriches your Execution History with direct links to test automation results, streamlining the process of triaging failed tests. Navigate seamlessly to the detailed outcomes of your automated tests.

Jira Data Center support:

On Server / Data Center we continued our support extending to Jira version 9.12.0.

Full details of the change details for Cloud and Server / Data Center can be found below:

Atlassian program support

In addition to these exciting product updates, we'd like to highlight our continued support for Atlassian programs:

Cloud Fortified: Our apps are built to meet the needs of large customers with critical requirements. .

Marketplace Bug Bounty: We take security seriously and have been actively participating in the Marketplace Security Bug Bounty program.

Cloud Migration Assistance: We're here to support your move to the Cloud Platform, while still fully supporting Data Center and Server versions.

We're dedicated to enhancing your project management experience and supporting your evolving needs in the Atlassian ecosystem. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in BDD, test management and agile development. If you have any questions or want to explore these updates further, feel free to reach out at Stay tuned for more from us in the future!

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