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Q2 2023 Updates for Our Jira Plugin

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

We're thrilled to share the latest updates and enhancements in Q2 2023 to our Jira Plugin for BDD, Cucumber & Test Management. In Q2, we've been hard at work to make your experience even better. Here's what's new:

Formatting and Description Field Enhancements: We've improved formatting and now by popular demand we allow links in feature description fields.

A screenshot demonstrating the use of links within a feature description field in our Jira Plugin. Links are highlighted and embedded within the text for enhanced project documentation.
Boost your project documentation with ease! Our screenshot showcases the power of embedding links within feature descriptions using our Jira Plugin. Enhance context and provide resources effortlessly

New Dashboard Gadgets: Building on Q1's success, we've added more dashboard gadgets to provide quick insights. Keep an eye on issue statuses and identify trends with the "Number of Times in Status" gadget.

A screenshot of the "Number of Times in Status" gadget displaying colorful bar charts and status counts, providing valuable project insights.
"Stay on top of your project's progress with our new 'Number of Times in Status' gadget. This screenshot showcases its colorful bar charts and status counts, making it easy to identify bottlenecks and streamline your workflow."

Further information can be found here, and look out for new gadgets in Q3.

In addition to these exciting product updates, we'd like to highlight our continued support for Atlassian programs:

Cloud Fortified: Our apps are built to meet the needs of large customers with critical requirements.

Marketplace Bug Bounty: We take security seriously and have been actively participating in the Marketplace Security Bug Bounty program.

Cloud Migration Assistance: We're here to support your move to the Cloud Platform, while still fully supporting Data Center and Server versions.

We're dedicated to enhancing your project management experience and supporting your evolving needs in the Atlassian ecosystem. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in BDD, test management and agile development. If you have any questions or want to explore these updates further, feel free to reach out at Stay tuned for more from us in the future!

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