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Enhancements to Features and Issues view

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Usability improvements to the feature and issue view pages of the plugin based on feedback from our Customers.


Our first post 2020 and I'd like to give an update on a few improvements we have released over the last few sprints.

We've had a number of discussions and feedback from our customers over the last few months regards how the plugin is being used by their organisations. We really appreciate these discussions as it helps use prioritise what functionality to progress next.

The changes enhance the existing functionality and provide a number of improvements to the usability of the plugin for our customers.

Issue View:

  • Easily identify which scenarios are already linked to a User Story. Features and scenarios are now greyed out if they are already linked to a User Story. This request came from a customer who had a large number of scenarios linked to a User Story from multiple features. The change has made it significantly easier for them to link and manage the scenarios on the User Stories.

  • Expand and collapse scenarios and features. This request was made from a client that had a large number of scenarios linked to a story, and made is a lot easier for them to work with the features on the user story

Feature View:

  • Provide a quick view of the number of scenarios in a feature. From the feature page the customer wanted to easily view the number of scenarios in each feature without clicking into each feature. The additional functionality now details the number of automated and manual scenarios in the features.

Free Trial

If you would like a free demo or trial then please get in contact with us at or a Try it for free - AssertThat BDD & Cucumber for Jira

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