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Why Atlassian's Jira Data Center version still has so much to offer

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

With so many services available in the cloud why do some customers still opt for Data Center version of Atlassian?

So having opted to use Atlassian's Jira product for your companies agile project management the next question is do I opt for the Cloud or Data Center version. For many it's an obvious choice to go for Atlassian's SaaS cloud version:

  • no deployments or maintenance

  • ease of setup

  • scalability

  • security

However for some organisations there are more important factors at play:

  • Data locality - control of where the data is located

  • specific security and compliance standards

  • 3rd party apps can store data within the organisations hosted servers

  • no storage limitations

Other factors to consider are the use of Atlassian's server product in conjunction with cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS. Together they can easily rival Atlassian's cloud SaaS for scalability, maintenance and flexibility:

  • Deployments - utilising numerous tools on offer such as Cloudformation makes deployments quick and easy, with the added benefit of being able to create sandbox environments

  • Reliability and resiliance - backups are easily configured, monitoring easy to setup.

  • Scalability - no limits

  • Security - AWS provides all the tools to setup and configure your environment to satisfy almost any security and compliance standards.


It's not a straight forward option for many organisations to jump at the convenience of Atlassian's cloud offering, where control of data locality and compliance are key factors. The server version when used in conjunction with cloud infrastructure such as AWS, provides scalability to offer a compelling alternative. In addition the flexibility to customise with Marketplace plugins and apps yet retaining control of how the app stores the data.

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