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AssertThat BDD Test Plans in Jira

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

We have introduced BDD Test Plans in Jira functionality on Data Center and Cloud. With AssertThat Test Plans you can easily create regression cycles of BDD by linking Scenarios to Test Plans.

A new Jira Issue type "AssertThat Test Plan" has been setup as part of the change, and scenarios can be linked to Test Plans as per the normal process of linking scenarios to User Stories.

Screenshot of AssertThat Test Plan for BDD scenarios, demonstrating efficient test management and regression cycle setup. Learn more in the blog post
Streamline Your Testing Process with AssertThat Test Plans! 🚀 Explore how our new Test Plan functionality simplifies regression cycles and enhances test management. Learn more in our latest blog post. #TestManagement #AssertThat

AssertThat test plans can be cloned to quickly setup regression cycles as part of release planning and testing. New functionality in Scenario Manager has also been introduced to simplify the selection of Scenarios and setup of Test Plans.

To support AssertThat Test Plans a new reporting screen is available to track trends and status:

Screenshot of AssertThat Test Plan reporting feature, enabling effortless tracking of manual and automated scenario execution status
Easily Monitor Execution Status! AssertThat Test Plan's reporting feature simplifies tracking for both manual and automated scenarios. Stay in control of your testing processes effortlessly. #TestManagement #Automation

More information on AssertThat Test Plan and use cases can be found on our Confluence pages here.

For more information or a free trial contact us on or go to for more information.

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