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Unlock full power of BDD with AssertThat for Jira

Most advanced BDD collaboration tool for Jira

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Easily create and manage BDD features in AssertThat
How it works
Scenario autocomplete for easy reuse of steps

BDD editor

Create executable Living Documentation in a blink of an eye with advanced autocomplete and syntax validation. 


Improve collaboration by linking and presenting scenarios with user stories all in Jira. Refine, develop and maintain scenarios with our Scenario Manager tool to bulk update steps, scenarios and tags.

Powerful tools to bulk update scenarios with scenario manager.
Import and triage test automation results all in one place Jira

Automated testing

Full integration with your automated test framework using our plugins. Setup your build pipelines to:

  • Easily export feature files and scenarios from AssertThat

  • Import automated test results back into Jira.

Story Status

  • Easily view test execution status for each story for manual and automated scenarios.

  • View and update test status for manually executed scenarios.

  • Automated test results updated against each scenario.

  • Link defects against scenarios.

Easily set the execution status of scenarios on each Jira user story

Automated test reporting

How it works

Autocomplete of scenarios to reuse test steps


Create executable Living Documentation in a blink of the eye with advanced autocomplete and syntax validation. 


Improve collaboration by linking scenarios with Jira user stories. Refine, develop and maintain scenarios with our Scenario Manager.

Scenario manager to bulk update tags, linked user stories, steps and mode.
Display test growth, scenario status, runs duration and steps status for imported test automation results.


Integrate seamlessly with test automation framework and your CI/CD pipeline though multi-language plugins.


Have execution status for manual and automated scenarios in Jira, which makes User Story status simple and easily accessible.

Easily set execution status of each scenarios for a user story.
Assign failed automated tests to individuals for investigation


View in-depth text execution report. Triage failed tests, assign for investigation and link defects. Automatically link existing defects to failed tests.

Integrate Jira with your BDD test automation framework 

Cucumber Java integration
Cucumber Azure DevOps integration
Cucumber Bitbucket pipelines integration

Quick setup
Get up and running in minutes and experience how your team can benefit from having Scenarios and User Stories all in Jira.

Full integration with your Test Automation framework through plugins or CLI.

Competitive pricing
30 days free trial, billing with paid-via-Atlassian.

Agile & BDD
View automated and manual test results all in one place. Test reporting tools to analyse and manage failed automated test results for investigation.

Why us

Why Clients Choose Us

Why Clients choose us

Recent Reviews

“We've been using AssertThat BDD & Cucumber for JIRA since the begging of our enterprise project to help facilitate communication between Business Analysts, Product Owners and Testers. It helps us track all test cases down to actual user stories and potential failures. BAs and POs use awesome reporting that AssertThat provides to understand better the product shipment readiness and help testers with priorities. Amazing to see how this add-on continues to evolve over time and how the feedback we provide helps in shaping this wonderful tool!"

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