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Enhance BDD Management: BDD Quick Filters in AssertThat

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Some of our clients have been in contact and explained how they would like an easier way to view and switch between different groups of features.

  • Typically the clients have over 1000 features per project including different applications and functionality

  • Setting up different views and filters was a repetitive process which took time to complete.

We introduced new functionality BDD Quick Filters to enable different views of features to be saved.

  1. Simply setup the desired filter using "Filter by tag" or "Search by Feature name" and save the filter.

  2. Switch between filters using a single click to view different applications or functionality.

Interface of AssertThat showcasing the BDD Quick Filters feature for efficient BDD scenario management.
Seamlessly manage BDD features and scenarios with AssertThat's BDD Quick Filters.

More ideas and suggestions on how to use tags to manage your features can be found here.

Quick filters now available on Cloud, Server and Data Center.

If you would like to see new features in the plugin then please get in contact at

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Nov 14, 2023

Great improves usability

May 13
Replying to

Many thanks for your feedback.

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